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is just a site providing links to the ever growing craft breweries in the U. S.

This is not a ratings site!

This is just an old fashion list...of craft breweries doing their best to create the best! We are just hoping you will give them a chance!

Craft brewers are the little guys trying to make a living by providing GREAT beer! Find one near you and help support them by enjoying one (or many) of their various styles of beers! Have a chat with the brewmaster! They are typically on-hand, eager to talk about their beers!

Take a look at the passion these brewers have!

"I Am A Craft Brewer" on Vimeo.

Some Upcoming
Beer Festivals & Beer Weeks of 2015

July 10 - 18 Athens, OH Ohio Beer Week
July 11 Barrington, IL Barrington Brew Fest
July 17 Glenview, IL 1st The Grove Craft Beer and Wine Fest
July 18 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Firkin Fest
July 24 & 25 Ypsilanti, MI Michigan Summer Beer Festival
July 24 & 25 Denver, CO Denver Summer Beer Fest
July 25 Nashville, TN Music City Brewers Festival
July 24 - August 2 St. Louis, MO St. Louis Craft Beer Week
August 15 Ludington, MI Suds on the Shore Craft Beer + Wine Festival
September 18 - 20 Ventura, CA California Beer Festival
September 24 - 26 Denver, CO Great American Beer Festival
October 23 & 24 Ludington, MI Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival